What happens during a session?Client
At the first session a case history is taken and the method of work is explained. The client lies down on the plinth, fully clothed. Support pillows and blankets are used to ensure comfort and warmth. The healing treatment works on the whole body. Strained muscles and joints are given relief through gentle release. Patricia uses her hands, both on and off the body.

How long does it take?
Each session lasts an hour but clients are always asked to allow one and a half hours when they are booking a session.

Is it painful?
The healing therapy is gentle so there is no pain. Sometimes when an area is extremely tense and tight, some discomfort can be felt during release. This eases very quickly.

What will I wear?
Loose comfortable clothing and bring a cardigan or jumper as sometimes clients are cold after the therapy. This is a sign that deep healing has taken place.Abstract2

How many sessions will I need?
Clients are advised to have at least three sessions at regular intervals. This allows the body to maintain balance and realignment.

What is the cost?
Dublin: €80
Tipperary: €80
Reduced rate for Children & Babies
Reduced rate for Unemployed/Student/OAP