Hi everyone welcome to my website!

We are living in exciting times of new technology and communication and at last I am embracing the change and stepping forward with the help of family and friends. I feel very fortunate to have such help and encouragement.

Many of you reading this will know me well and will be familiar with my therapies. Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

My background is nursing and midwifery. I managed the operating theatre at the Coombe Women’s Hospital and held a Cm2 position there.
In 1999 I had a serious back injury and was on sick leave for many months. During that time I received excellent medical care. I was fortunate to find an Amatsu therapist and Reiki healer who were instrumental in my healing process. I had always had a keen interest in complementary therapies and decided to train as an Amatsu therapist and in 2002 I retired from nursing and started to work as an Amatsu therapist, integrating Reiki healing and Aurasoma into my practice.
It has been a great time of personal growth and I feel very blessed to love my work and all the opportunities for expansion it creates.

At present I work from my home in Killiney and I travel to Fethard, Co. Tipperary once a month and work there for three days.

In the last year I have hosted the transformation game in my house. Katharina Brocke travels from Scotland to facilitate the game. The transformation game is a powerful tool that helps participants work through and resolve recurring issues or patterns that slow down personal growth and development. The game is played in a safe and caring environment. Katharina plans to come back to Ireland in January. I will post details of her plans at a later date.

I plan to have guided meditation evenings, commencing in January. I am also looking forward to hosting manifestation workshops using vision boards early on 2013.

We have all been busy in 2012 and please God 2013 will be a prosperous and abundant year for us all.

Love and Light,


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