I had been trying to conceive for five months, doing the ovulation kits, taking vitamins and drinking water. I met a friend, Anne who had gone to Patricia because she was having trouble conceiving child number two. Literally the night after she saw Patricia she conceived that second child!

It’s great to have a different option than going to the GP, getting tests, having IVF. And even if you are doing those things you can go to her as well.

She has a “tune in” ability. You lie down on her plinth and listen to lovely music. It’s like a hands off massage, and way more effective. There’s an amazing heat in her hands. After a session with her, I find I’m a nicer person and I don’t get stressed at work. I trust what she does.

Before I went to see her for the first time, I had been rear-ended and I had a sore neck. Patricia said I was off balance and focussed more on that than the baby thing. I have a slipped disc too, which she fixed. Four months after I starting going to her, I conceived Ruairi. My friend Marrissa, who was doing IVF, heard about her at the same time as me, and we were pregnant within ten days of each other.

What’s amazing about Patricia is that she does the baby work, and everything else. I’ve referred nine people to her, including my father. Everything, from the front door in, is happy and peaceful in her house.

Aislinn (34)

I have been coming to Patricia for almost five years now and I look forward to it. I find much support in the treatments, I feel emotionally supported and find great clarity and relief on leaving her house every time. Patricia supports my well-being and encourages me to connect with and express my true self and follow my true purpose; I have made life changes and dealt with many of life’s challenges but this support and healing has guided me and made each transition and challenge easier to deal with.

Kim (30)